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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Guide]Solve your camera failure SGS 2 I9100G version

Tricks to overcome camera failure issue is by replacing your phone camera.apk
the first thing you need to do is root (which give you power to modify your phone system)

I'm NOT going to take any responsibility if you permanently bricked your phone or your girlfriend/boyfriend breakup with you because of this . My experience say only people who don't read and don't follow the step properly will brick your phone..

ok, after root then what? you can solve it by follow this few simple step.
1.download this root browser via android market in your phone
or any browser you prefer, but must support root so it can modify data in your system..

2.download this
3.Open your root browser and browse to /system/app, and move your 'Camera.apk' and 'Camera.odex' (for use as a backup) or you just delete it
(cz its rubbish that cause camera fail, it cant do the job so throw it to thrash bin

Don't worry, if you really deleted and want back here is the stock rubbish camera.apk
Stock Camera SGS2
4.Copy the camera.apk that you downloaded and place it in /system/app

5.Close your Root Browser and run the camera.

6.Tadaaa you are done

Try reboot if it don't works..

If the camera fails to run or shortcut is missing. Go back to /system/app with your root browser and try to install it. DO NOT DO SO IF YOU SUCCESS run the camera

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